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SWMENA Advocacy Partner

L'Union de l'Action Féminine (UAF)

website: http://www.uaf.ma/an/file.php
location: Rabat, Morocco

Once the SWMENA team completed its survey and data collection in Morocco, IFES partnered with a local NGO to provide assistance and guidance in the implementation of the upcoming workshop and the remaining activities for the duration of the project. IFES and UAF have been partners since 2009 and have worked together on the SWMENA survey and topic briefs, developing workshops, and working on extending the SWMENA mission to women’s groups and government officials throughout Morocco. UAF has provided invaluable insight toward the SWMENA initiative throughout the partnership, and continues to do so. Please click on the partner name to find out more about their work on SWMENA and other projects. L'Union de l'Action Féminine (UAF)


L’Union de l'Action Feminine, or the Union of Women’s Action, is a non-profit organization that started in 1983 as an informal group under the name of “Mouvement 8 mars” or the March 8th Movement in reference to International Women’s Day that year. The group, which developed over the years into a movement for the promotion of women’s rights in Morocco, became UAF in 1987.  Since then, UAF has been the driving force behind the efforts aimed at raising awareness among women, decision makers, and society as a whole. UAF has consistently fought for women’s mobilization and an end to discrimination and marginalization.

What UAF is Doing

  • Advocating for women in Morocco while using SWMENA data and tools
  • Mentoring and supporting IFES’ subgrantee El Amane through the duration of their subaward
  •  Hosting SWMENA’s Local Lessons Learned workshop at the end of September to discuss the impact the project has made in Morocco

Their Impact

  • During SWMENA’s advocacy phase, UAF successfully organized three meeting and workshops targeting roughly 60 women’s advocates from grassroots,  civil society or non-governmental organizations, parliament, and government to promote the dissemination of SWMENA data and increase conversation surrounding women’s participation in civic and political life
  •  UAF worked with IFES’ partner the Institute for Women’s Policy Research in the creation of an essential tool-kit that will aid in the effectiveness of local NGOs’ activities across the region